Author microservices without thinking about faults or servers.

With Reactive Machine, you can focus on the application logic. Server or connection failures are recovered transparently. And locality is represented by partition keys, not servers.

Deploy on your back-end of choice.

Keep your options open. For example, host on serverless functions with a consumption plan. Or run your own elastic K8s cluster. And of course, debug on your local emulator first.

Boost productivity with convenient abstractions.

Orchestrations, actors, and events - we combine them all in an intuitive task-oriented programming model. Write orchestrations using async/await, encapsulate state in virtual actors, and subscribe them to globally ordered atomic events.

Be always recoverable, always consistent.

The runtime takes care of logging messages and persisting snapshots to durable cloud storage. So that when machines go down or connections fail, it can recover without missing a beat.